Tallaght retreat Centre

    Programme of events 2023

    DEAR FRIENDS…. Welcome to the 87th season of pro-grammes and retreats at the Dominican Retreat Centre, Tallaght. It is a pleasure to open our doors to so many people who are seeking depth and peace in these stormy times. The waves may rise up about us, but the Lord is in the boat. A retreat is a time to hear him say, “Why are you fearful?” (Mt 8:26)

    PROGRAMMES We invite you to come here to rest, to stay overnight, to pray, to meditate, and to reflect in an atmos-phere of tranquillity. Many of the Retreats, as you see from this partial list, are in the traditional form. We also have retreats and workshops on mind-fulness, pottery, Zen, etc. Wisely, these have been called “ways to the Way.” In todayʼs complex world many people have some knowledge and experience of different spiritual paths, and as Christians we are challenged to connect these to the great tradition. It was the genius of St Dominic to make connections instead of disconnections. In this Centre, in our modest way, we try to gather many streams into the one great stream of Christian spirituality.
    “My feet are planted in the ground of my faith, but my arms are wide open.” We are happy to be able to add some new names this year to our list of retreat-givers and facilitators: John MacKenna, Sean Goan, and Bernadette Toal.

    THE CENTRE is set in Tallaght Village, 12 km from Dublin city centre. It has been in continuous use as a retreat centre for over 80 years. The 18th-century Walled Garden offers tranquil-lity for walking, spaces to sit, to pray, to meditate. It is full of ancient and un-usual trees, the most special one being ‘Maelruanʼs Treeʼ, one of the oldest walnut trees in Ireland. Some groups love to have the Eucharist in the shade of this famous tree. There is also the ‘Lime Gardenʼ, named for its five giant lime trees; in it you will find the Laby-rinth, to connect the inner and outer spiritual movements in your life. We welcome individuals, as well as large and small groups. Retreats and events are open to people of all faiths and denominations. There is an open hospitable atmosphere for workshops, seminars, conferences or gatherings.

    Set on four floors, the Centre has one large and four smaller conference rooms. The large conference room can hold up to 100 people; the smaller ones about 20 each. Other rooms are avail-able for one-to-one sessions or small group meetings. There are two sitting-rooms with comfortable couches and a relaxing atmosphere. The Oratory gives a sense of peace and sacred space. We are happy to facilitate Baptisms, Wed-dings, Anniversaries, or special occa-sions. Parking is free for all participants. We can cater for 30 people on a residential basis. Additional beds are available for big groups. There is a lift to all floors.

    YOU ARE WELCOME! Please tell us in advance if you have special dietary requirements. We will do our best to take care of you. But please remember that we are not qualified to care for the sick. Whether you are returning for another retreat or coming to us for the first time, we look forward to welcoming you!



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    2022 Event Listings Brochure


    SRF Dublin Meditation circle (087 273 3438/ 087 804 9007)
    9.45am—12.30pm every Sunday

    ‘Growʼ Mental Health Organisation (Grow info line 1890 474 474) 7.00pm—9.30pm
    Menʼs Yoga (kevin@thehealthyway.ie) 7.30pm—9.00pm

    Circle Dancing (Joanne, 086 897 2191) 2.00pm—4.00pm
    Zen meditation (Anita 404 8123 / 404 8189) 7.50pm—9.00pm
    [to be resumed in the Retreat Centre at a later date; meanwhile meetings are taking place on Zoom (see below)

    John Main Christian Meditation (Niall, 085 760 9500) 8.00pm—9.00pm

    Footholds in Meditation, Donagh O'Shea OP, occasional series
    8.00pm—9.00pm (404 8123 / 8189), beginning March 2 (Dates for this series of 4 sessions: Mar. 2, 9, 23, 30)
    Cost: €40 for 4-week series

    Zen meditation on Zoom: Mondays 7.50am—8.30am;
    Tuesdays 7.50am— 8.30am and 7.50pm—9.00pm; Thursdays 7.50am—8.30am; Fridays 7.50am—8.30am (greyheronzendo@gmail.com)